• Jennifer Brown
  • ETS Executive Director, TOEFL® Program

今回は、ETS TOEFL®テストプログラムのエグゼクティブ・ディレクターであるジェニファー・ブラウンさんから読者の皆様へスペシャルメッセージをいただきました。

A special message

To have the opportunity to communicate with you via the new TOEFL® web magazine of our esteemed partner CIEE is an honor. As Executive Director of the TOEFL Program I am responsible for overseeing the expanding portfolio of TOEFL products including TOEFL iBT®, TOEFL ITP®, TOEFL Junior® and TOEFL Primary® as well as their associated test preparation and ancillary products. In this role, I manage the implementation and execution of the various TOEFL assessments in more than 165 countries.

Our group manages the development and global launches for all new TOEFL products and their associated test preparation and ancillary products. We work closely with members of the more than 8,500 higher education institutions, government organizations and various international student organizations in more than 130 countries that accept TOEFL assessments.

We take our commitment to ETS’ mission to advance education worldwide very seriously and understand the impact we have in the lives of so many students around the world.

The role of English language learning continues to be a significant part of the success of so many people around the world. Efforts of CIEE Japan to help people realize their dreams are to be applauded.

We value our long-standing relationship with CIEE in Japan and appreciate your efforts in support of the TOEFL product family. Your hard work and dedication is impressive.

Jennifer Brown
ETS Executive Director, TOEFL® Program

Brown joined ETS in 1988. During her long career at ETS, she has played various senior roles including Executive Director of the Network Planning and Management group where she for was responsible for all iBT site recruitment, readiness and contract processes for all iBT testing programs, including TOEFL, GRE, and the Texas Educator Certificate Program as well as Senior Director for the New Product Development group. While part of the New Product Development group, Brown managed the development effort for the TOEFL Junior assessments that are now part of the TOEFL brand family. In addition, she served as the Director of the TOEFL paper-based test and later TOEFL computer-based programs, as well as Account Manager for the GRE program.

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